Syed Safawi , Senior Partner, comes with almost three decades of leadership experience, with two decades growing and transforming companies in India and outside in consumer goods, beverages, telecom, infra, and beauty & wellness. He has served companies like Coca-Cola, Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communication, Viom Networks (A Tata-Tele JV), VLCC, etc. with specializing in turning companies around with large profitability, fundraising and exits. Syed was the CEO of Viom Networks, a TATA-SREI-PE joint venture, where American Tower Corporation closed the acquisition of a 51% controlling ownership in 2016, thus figuring among the top-10 inbound M&A deals in India ever, across sectors. Besides the business transformation, the organizational transformation witnessed an increase in people engagement scores to 87 ( vs. 62) comparable to Top 100 companies in India.